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Five Benefits of Using a Self Storage Unit

Whether you’re moving house or simply need somewhere to store your items without filling up your home, storage units can be beneficial for many reasons. For both domestic or business customers self storage is often a solution which is overlooked, however, with convenience, affordable cost and high security this may be a great option for your needs. To learn a little more about this type of storage, carry on reading to discover five ways it could benefit you.


Storage units can be very useful especially if you plan on moving house. If you spot the perfect sofa or any big piece of furniture that you don’t have space to store at home, then you no longer have to leave it behind. You may be lucky enough to have family and friends who can store your goods, however this could bump up the costs of your removal process as removal vans will need to go to several pick-up points to collect your furniture.


If your items are valuable then it may be a good idea to not keep everything in one place. Units are protected by several levels of security such as CCTV, round-the-clock monitoring and secure locks which you are unlikely to have in your home. You will be able to keep them safe, check on them or bring them home whenever you want until you decide where to store them permanently.

Seasonal items

If you have a seasonal hobby such as surfing or skiing, then keeping your gear in a storage unit may be the best option. Large pieces of equipment can be tricky to store at home, and if you only use them during certain parts of the year then you’ll be losing space all year round.


Keeping goods in a garage or attic could risk them getting damaged. These spaces are often damp and cold making them the right environment to inflict water damage and mould on your goods, storage units however have a controlled climate so you can rest assured that your items are being well looked after.

Cost effective

Many people don’t realise that using a self storage unit is usually cheaper than they think. For homeowners, it’s a lot more cost effective than upsizing your home especially if you only have a few pieces that need storing. Additionally, small business owners can save on rent by using the unit to store stock that would otherwise come with a hefty bill if stored in a warehouse, these also tie you into a contract giving you less flexibility within your business.

If you’re looking for self storage in Shrewsbury, then Homemaster relocations can provide a second home for all of your goods for both short term and long term storage. We have put the strictest measures in place to ensure your unit is secure, but also have flexible access times to allow renters to reach their items with ease. With more than 33 years experience in self storage and removals, get in touch with our expert team who can guide you through the process and find the right deal for you.

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